About Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is created by real enthusiasts of exceptional goods such as fine Bordeaux wines, top quality whisky and art.

  1. About company

  2. About comapny

    Wealth Solutions was established in 2007 with a mission to provide luxury goods, works of art and financial products for demanding customers. The portfolio of our products includes works of accomplished artists, bottles of rare whisky or cognac, a unique wine selection and exclusive watches, as well as property and investment products.

  3. 8,000 – Wealth Solutions customers

    9 years – presence on the market

    PLN 300 million – total assets entrusted to us by our customers

    25,000 – worldwide media publications about activities of Wealth Solutions

    Guinness World Records holder – Wealth Solutions holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest cognac sold at auction

  4. Whisky & cognac

  5. Whisky & cognac

    Wealth Solutions specialises in compiling collections of rare alcoholic beverages. Collections of our customers include the oldest whiskies in the world, or cognacs dating back to the turn of 18th and 19th century. Both the most powerful companies and family distilleries or cognac houses share their most valuable alcoholic beverages with us.

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  6. 2,000 – the number of collectible bottles sold

    75 years – the age of the oldest whisky sold by Wealth Solutions

    1762 – production year of the oldest cognac purchased by Wealth Solutions

    Glen Grant – Gordon&MacPhail has bottled editions of the oldest whiskies from Glen Grant distillery – which happen to be some of the oldest whiskies in the world – especially for Wealth Solutions.

    Pre-phylloxera cognacs – The cognac houses Tiffon and Bache-Gabrielsen provided for our customers special editions of pre-phylloxera cognacs which were made from distillates from the turn of the 18th and 19th century.

    Glenfarclas – Glenfarclas distillery bottled the oldest whisky in their history especially for Wealth Solutions.

    Karuizawa – Especially for our customers, we prepared a limited edition of whisky from the legendary Karuizawa distillery. As at the moment of sale, Karuizawa 1964 was the oldest whisky ever to be produced under this brand.

  7. Art

  8. Art

    Wealth Solutions advises on purchases of art. We also develop and manage works of art collections. In this area, we are the leading company in Poland, and one of the largest companies in this part of Europe.

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  9. More than 100 works – included in art collections we have co-created

    More than the 50 best contemporary art galleries – cooperating with our company and participating in establishing our offer

    art tank collection – created by Wealth Solutions and our customers, it is one of the largest art collections in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wilhelm Sasnal, Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Rafał Bujnowski – these are only a few artists from our customer’s collection

    Art Academy – practical course on art market organised by Wealth Solutions.

  10. Wine

  11. Wine

    For years, Wealth Solutions has been building collections of wines and marketing high-quality wine. As far as this area goes, we are the leading company in Poland and one of the largest companies in Europe. Our knowledge, experience and scale of our operation enable us to offer excellent wines, high-quality services and access to renowned partners.

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  12. GBP 24 million – total value of wine sold to customers

    3,000 – the number of wine portfolios set up

    Over 500 – the number of types of wine purchased by customers

  13. Watches

  14. Watches

    Our offer includes limited editions of outstanding watches from well-known Swiss manufactures. Our watches can be a great addition to any watch lover’s collection.

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  15. Cognac Watch – In cooperation with Armin Strom, we developed the first ever Swiss watch with alcohol. Cognac Watch has a built-in capsule with the oldest cognac in the world – Gautier 1762.

    Guinness World Record – Gautier 1762 cognac used in manufacturing Cognac Watch was officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest cognac ever to be sold at auction.

    Rum Watch – In cooperation with the Speake-Marin manufacture, we created the first ever watch with rum – the oldest rum in the world, Harewood 1780.

    BaselWorld – International Watch Magazine website found Cognac Watch one of the most interesting premieres of Baselworld 2016 – the most important industry trade fairs in the world (1,500 suppliers).

    800 – publications about Cognac Watch within 6 months, for example in: Forbes USA, Yahoo Finance, GQ Magazine Germany, or on key industry websites.

  16. Property

  17. Property

    Wealth Solutions has been present on the property market for years. Our offer includes agricultural land and land for construction and services. We have also developed a unique model for group investments based on special purpose vehicles which enables investors to co-own property they would not otherwise be able to acquire, and to carry out investments on such property.

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  18. PLN 50 million – value of property managed by Wealth Solutions

    10 – investment groups investing in property market

    8 years – experience on property market

  19. Selected partners

  20. Partners


    Diageo is a powerhouse on the alcoholic beverages market. Their offer includes alcoholic beverages of such brands as Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Guinness, Smirnoff, J&B, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Port Ellen, Lagavulin, Talisker or Brora. Some of these pride themselves on their over 250-year-old tradition.


    logo montegrappa

    The beginnings of the company date as far back as 1912, when a manufacture of golden nibs and fountain pens was established in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Over the years, Montegrappa has expanded their portfolio, and presently, next to meticulously crafted and world-famous pens, their offer also includes watches, cufflinks, and other luxury items.


    Speake-Marin is an independent Swiss workshop run by a passionate watchmaker. It produces exclusive watches capable of standing the test of time – both technically and aesthetically. The workshop was created by Peter Speake-Marin, a master watchmaker from Great Britain.


    Armin Strom is a Swiss watch manufacturer which produces nearly all watch components on their own, including mechanisms. The final product is made from A to Z at a single location, and, owing to the fact that the entire manufacturing process is lengthy and labour-intensive, the production scale is small. The Armin Strom manufacture makes only approx. one thousand top-class watches per year.


    Bache-Gabrielsen is one of the few family-run houses of cognac. Currently, it is managed by a representative of the fourth generation of Bache-Gabrielsens in Cognac. The company is also one of the largest cognac exporters worldwide. Every year, the house of cognac produces 1.5 million bottles which reach customers in 36 countries on 6 continents.


    This family business has bottled single malt whisky for more than 120 years. Currently, it is the world’s largest independent bottler of Scotch, as well as its distributor and producer. In their warehouses, the company collects old wine casks which can rarely be found in other distilleries. The company is responsible for, among other things, the market launch of some of the oldest whiskies in history.


    Tiffon house of cognac, where one can stumble upon alcoholic beverages with more than two-hundred-year history in its basement, was established in 1875 in Jarnac by Médéric Tiffon. Currently, it is owned by the Braastad family, and remains one of the last family-run houses of cognac.

  21. Our Management

    Our Management

  22. Maciej Kossowski

    Prezes Zarządu

    Wspólnie z Michałem Kowalskim pomysłodawca i założyciel Wealth Solutions. W przeszłości analityk produktów finansowych w firmie Expander. W Wealth Solutions odpowiedzialny za promocję i rozwój oferty. Absolwent Szkoły Głównej Handlowej  w Warszawie.

  23. Michał Kowalski

    Wiceprezes Zarządu

    Autor blisko 40 produktów strukturyzowanych. W Wealth Solutions zarządza siecią sprzedaży i uczestniczy w rozwoju oferty kolekcjonerskich trunków. Absolwent Wyższej Szkoły Bankowej w Poznaniu.

  24. Łukasz Baranowski

    Wiceprezes Zarządu

    Dyrektor finansowy z wieloletnim i międzynarodowym doświadczeniem w zarządzaniu finansami, w kontrolingu i audycie. Posiada tytuł FCCA. W przeszłości pracował dla KPMG, Bridgestone Europe w Brukseli, GE Capital w Warszawie i Pradze oraz Studio Moderna w Poznaniu i Warszawie.