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“Wealth Solutions provides excellent consumer service. Really good support, I am informed all the time about my investments and I look forward to next investment opportunities. I highly recommend this company.”

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  1. Business partners

    Business partners

  2. “I first worked with Wealth Solution in 2015 when they bottled an extraordinary cognac from Bache-Gabrielsen, “Le sein de Dieu”. It was a privilege and an honour to write tasting-notes on such a rare and exclusive nectar. I wrote the whole booklet attached to every bottle sold.

    It was a pleasure to work with a very professional and dedicated team. I appreciated their swiftness to respond and their efficiency.

    So when I was asked if I could write another booklet at the beginning of the year, this time for a 50 year-old single malt, Tomatin, I did not hesitate a second.

    Again, we have worked in perfect harmony and produced a booklet which I hope, will be enjoyed by the lucky buyers of the whisky.

    I hope I will carry on this successful collaboration with Wealth Solution.”

    ~Martine Nouet, Writer and Whisky and Cognac Expert

  3. An excellently organised event; I was proud to be part of it, and am delighted to hear that you’ve had good feedback”

    ~Charles MacLean (Writer and Whisky Expert) about premiere of the Glen Grant 1949

  4. “Thank you so much for a very well planned and organized event in Warsaw last Friday. The venue was great, the master of ceremony did the job perfectly, the dancers were on top, and we did our best to entertain your guests. Maud and I had some great days along with you and your team, and we enjoyed also discovering Warsaw for the first time. We wish you all the best for the future at Wealth Solutions”

    ~Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen (CEO of Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac House) about premiere of Le Sein De Dieu

  5. “Many thanks again for your kind hospitality during Juliette and my visit to Warsaw. It was a great to be back in Warsaw and to be part of the event which was great fun. I’m delighted to hear your clients, either those attending in person or on line, enjoyed the event.”

    ~Michael Urquhart (Former CEO of Gordon and MacPhail) about the permiere of Glen Grant 1949

  6. “STIFinance Sp. z.o.o. is pleased to announce its co-operation with Wealth Solutions S.A. seated in: Warsaw (00-021), Chmielna 19.

    We have been working together since 1 November 2012 and our co-operation has turned out to be very satisfactory.

    The co-operation includes:

    providing services to Clients in regard of the selection of luxury goods, works of art, collector’s beverages.

    The company focuses on professional services. Established brands and guaranteed task completion are core to its business.

    The company’s market expertise is impressive. It is worthwhile to mention that the company operates in accordance with applicable principles.

    Its reliability is a highly appreciated asset. The company is as open as possible and provides its business partners with a full information package and answers to all questions.

    We appreciate the company’s customer-centric approach and excellent understanding of its partners’ needs which are met effectively.”

    Yours sincerely,

    Sylwia Małyska

    President of the Management Board

  7. “Over the past few years, the Wealt Solutions team has accomplished many intricate projects, and they haven’t avoided real challenges, but most important is that, they always have reached the finish line happily. Among the projects carried out were 100% success investments.

    I hereby declare that team of Wealth Solutions is built by professionals with huge knowledge and experience in analysing the alternative investment markets. Thanks to the investments, which this company offers, I have made many good and important decisions, good and important for me and for my clients.

    I have the power to say that recommendations and suggestions of Wealth Solutions have helped me and my clients to make huge profits.””

    ~Michał Małachowski, Business Partner

  8. “I have been collaborating with Wealth Solutions SA form many years. In my opinion it is trustworthy and recommendable company, thanks to the professionalism and an interesting financial products portfolio.

    ~Renata Hennig, Business Partner

  9. “We would like to thank Wealth Solutions management and employees for the good cooperation and very good relationship with our investors, for working with our clients and for treating our partners honestly. Working with you is a pleasure and I look forward to our further, fruitful cooperation.”

    ~Michał Kasza, Business Partner

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  11. “I have been a customer of Wealth Solutions for four years. Incentive to continue our cooperation are excellent and professional service, interesting projects and investments, and what is most important for the client – good financial results.

    Exceptional is that company employees are not only competent financial advisors but also passionate with huge knowledge and their share this knowledge with the customer eagerly. The project from the markets of luxury alcoholic beverages, watches and fountain pens are the result of market knowledge and great love for unique items. I recommend the company to those who want to achieve good financial results, and they like and want to explore the world of outstanding beverages, beautiful and unique items”


  12. “Wealth Solutions provides excellent consumer service. Really good support, I am informed all the time about my investments and I look forward for next investment opportunities. I highly recommend this company.

    ~Krzysztof from Krakow