Cognac Pen

The Cognac Pen is a unique collector’s item. The pen has been created by the Montegrappa, and it contains the oldest cognac in the world, provided by the Wealth Solutions company. The liquor enclosed in a capsule is from 1762 and has been officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records. French finesse and Italian craftsmanship tradition have merged to create this true masterpiece.

  1. Cognac Pen

  2. Technical features

    • Body: Oak wood, sterling silver or gold in the version for men, and celluloid, sterling silver in the version for women.
    • Nib thickness: F, M, B
    • Filling system: cartridge or converter
    • Packaging: Lacquered, wooden box with an inkwell and a memorial book about the Cognac Pen
    • Length: 155.50 mm – version for men, 130.00 – version for women
    • Number of items in the silver version: 100
    • Number of items in the gold version: 10
    • Characteristics: 

    Capsule with the Gautier 1762 cognac – entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest cognac ever to be sold at an auction – placed at the top of the ferrule.

    The body of the Cognac Pen has been manufactured from oak wood. According to the French law, no liquor may be called cognac if it has not aged for at least two years in oak cask near Cognac. The Cognac Pen is a reference to this unusual tradition and requirement.

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