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Private bottling

Your own private cask. Very unique bottling for an anniversary, wedding, birthday. Have it bottled with your name or corporate logo.

  1. Buying a whisky cask is a good idea, which you can enjoy with your family and friends. Wealth Solutions offers you the opportunity to create your own personal cask of whisky.

  2. What can we offer you?

  3. Our offer and services

    Access to the great casks of really old whisky

    Casks from different distilleries

    Bottling made specially for you (OB and IB)

    Possible share bottlings

    Possible part of the cask bottlings

    Creating of your own edition of whisky (labelling, packaging, booklets, ect.)


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  4. Our editions

  5. Our editions

  6. About Wealth Solutions

  7. About Wealth Solutions

    10 years – presence on the market

    8,000 – Wealth Solutions customers

    75 years – the age of the oldest whisky sold by Wealth Solutions

    1762 – production year of the oldest cognac purchased by Wealth Solutions

    1780 – production year of the oldest rum purchased by Wealth Solutions

    1862 – production year of the oldest whisky purchased by Wealth Solutions

    Glen Grant – Gordon&MacPhail has bottled editions of the oldest whiskies from Glen Grant distillery – which happen to be some of the oldest whiskies in the world – especially for Wealth Solutions.

    Pre-phylloxera cognacs – The cognac houses Tiffon and Bache-Gabrielsen provided for our customers special editions of pre-phylloxera cognacs which were made from distillates from the turn of the 18th and 19th century.

    Glenfarclas – Glenfarclas distillery bottled the oldest whisky in their history especially for Wealth Solutions.

    Karuizawa – Especially for our customers, we prepared a limited edition of whisky from the legendary Karuizawa distillery. As at the moment of sale, Karuizawa 1964 was the oldest whisky ever to be produced under this brand.

    2xGuinness World Records holder – Wealth Solutions holds the Guinness World Records for the oldest cognac sold
    at auction and the oldest rum

  8. Selected partners

  9. Selected partners


    Diageo is a powerhouse on the alcoholic beverages market. Their offer includes alcoholic beverages of such brands as Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Guinness, Smirnoff, J&B, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Port Ellen, Lagavulin, Talisker or Brora. Some of these pride themselves on their over 250-year-old tradition.

    Since 1897 there has been a quiet revolution unfolding in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. High up amongst the smooth, rounded peaks of the Monadhliath Mountains there is no room for the rugged and robust. Here patience, a gentle hand and a passion for purity rule the day. Gentle maturation in the cool, stable environment found high above sea level lets the subtle character of this distinctive Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky emerge. The use of carefully selected casks ensures that the softer characters of the precious spirit are never overpowered.

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    Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been distilled on Speyside for six generations by one family – the Grants. The Glenfarclas Distillery was legally established in 1836, on the Recherlich Farm at Ballindalloch, in the heart of Speyside.

    This family business has bottled single malt whisky for more than 120 years. Currently, it is the world’s largest independent bottler of Scotch, as well as its distributor and producer. In their warehouses, the company collects old wine casks which can rarely be found in other distilleries. The company is responsible for, among other things, the market launch of some of the oldest whiskies in history.

    Jura whisky comes from a place of contrasts. A wild shoreline of craggy rocks battered by the open seas on one side, to secluded sandy bays with calm waters on the other. From the sweetness of Origin to the smokiness of Superstition you’ll find the nature of our island reflected in our whisky and you‘ll taste the difference in every drop.

    The Dalmore is the definitive luxury malt, since 1839. Founded by Sir Alexander Matheson, a restless entrepreneur and international businessman, The Dalmore was born with a different purpose, to go above and beyond to create luxurious single malt whisky unlike any other.


  10. Would like to find out more? Please let us know that. We will prepare individual offer of private bottling specially for you.

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