Wealth Solutions to become an exclusive distributor of Armin Strom in Poland

Wealth Solutions has become the sole Polish distributor of the Swiss watch manufacturer Armin Strom. This is an enormous step for the enterprise to increase sales of these interesting timepieces in Poland. The company plans to organize a series of meetings for collectors to present the most unique Swiss watch brands.

  1. Wealth Solutions is a Polish company specializing in the creation and sales of luxury collectors’ items, such as watches, coins, and rare editions of whisky, rum or cognac. In recent years Wealth Solutions, in cooperation with renowned Swiss watch manufactures, has created the Spirit Watches series and the Warszawianka watch. At present, the company aims at developing the sales of luxury manufactured watches which have never been sold in Poland before. Thus, watch lovers will gain access to many exceptional brands which have been previously unavailable.

    “We would like to develop our cooperation with the Swiss manufactures that create unique watches in terms of character and technical solutions used. Those that give priority to uncompromising quality and uniqueness of their products, have an interesting story to tell and produce timepieces in very limited amounts. I’m pleased that the first company with whom we intensify our cooperation is Armin Strom, because this manufacture perfectly fits into this approach and this is exactly the company that introduced us to the watch market a few years ago,” said Łukasz Baranowski, Vice-President of Wealth Solutions.

    The Armin Strom manufacturer produces nearly all watch components on its own, including the mechanisms. The product is wholly developed in one location and owing to the fact that the entire manufacturing process is a lengthy and labour-intensive process, the production scale is small and its yearly output amounts to an average of 400 pieces. The company was established 1967 by Armin Strom, an extremely talented watchmaker with a passion for hand skeletonising. Until now, this was a watchmaking technique that allowed the internal watch movement to be at least partially visible through the face has become the manufacturer’s speciality. Today Armin Strom is managed by two childhood friends and watch enthusiasts Serge Michel and Claude Greisler. This duo is responsible for the recent incredible growth of the company, for such extraordinary watches as the Dual Time Resonance, their own calibre with tourbillon and for winning of three Red Dot Design Awards.

    Wealth Solutions as the official distribution partner for Poland is undoubtedly the perfect match for Armin Strom. “Wealth Solutions creates and sells exceptional products, has a wide understanding of our timepieces and shares our values of personalization, exclusivity and innovation.” explained Serge Michel, Founder of the brand.

    Wealth Solutions also plans to organize a series of events to present the most interesting Swiss manufactures, which will be a real treat for Polish watchmakers. The first part will be dedicated to the Armin Strom brand, with special guest Serge Michel, The Founder of Armin Strom. This will be a great opportunity for collectors to see extraordinary watches produced by this Swiss manufacturer with their own eyes, its latest models and an opportunity to listen and talk to the person responsible for the exceptional growth of this brand. The event will take place on 8 May 2019 in the Złota 44 apartment building in Warsaw. The event partner is the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the media patrons are ‘Zegarki i Pasja’ and ‘Book of Luxury’ magazines.