Three new Caroni rums from Jack Tar Holding

Jack Tar Holding introduces into the market three editions of Caroni rums to initiate a new series of rums called Music!, as part of which high-quality single cask rums will be bottled.

  1. The first three rums introduced in the new series are Caroni 1998 Soca, Caroni 1998 Calypso and Caroni 1996 Parang. All of them are single cask and cask strength (ABV 69,3%, 63,8% and 63,5%), matured in the tropical conditions in the warehouses on the Trinidad island and in Guyana. The first two were bottled as 20 YO, and the third one as 22 YO rum. The number of marketed bottles is strictly limited and amounts to 215 for Soca, 220 for Calypso and 245 for Parang.

    These editions come from the legendary closed distillery from Trinidad and Tobago. The production in the walls of the Caroni plant was stopped in 2002 and currently no new spirits are manufactured there. All that was left are casks full of extraordinary rum, successively disappearing from warehouses of the new owners to reach the market in bottles. Among the rum aficionados, they have already gained an iconic status and are sought-after as no one really knows the day when the last Caroni casks will be bottled.

    Rums from this particular legendary Caribbean distillery have been selected by Jack Tar Holding in order to start building a new product family called Music! Series. It will include short editions of high-quality single cask rums. Each edition will refer with its setting to a selected music genre which was established in the Caribbean basin and plays an important role in the local pop culture. In case of the Caroni rums described here these are Soca, Calypso and Parang – three styles that emerged and developed in Trinidad and Tobago.

    The first of them sprang up in the seventies and is currently an inherent element of every carnival party on Trinidad. This is why in Caroni 1998 Soca edition the label and the box are embellished with a drawing that depicts a carnival female dancer. Calypso however is a music genre which sprang up in Trinidad in the 18th century and has always been an important element of political expression and documented the social life of the island’s population. In the Caroni 1998 Calypso edition, the label and the box have been ornamented with an image of a man playing the steelpan – an instrument created on Trinidad and used traditionally by musicians performing this music style. The last presented genre is parang, which is particularly popular in this island country during Christmas and special festivals that take place there from October to January each year. Moreover, the colours of the labels and boxes of the described editions refer to colours of the Trinidad flag and remind that Caroni was a state distillery.

    The entity responsible for this unique series of products is Jack Tar Holding, a subsidiary of the Polish company Wealth Solutions which creates and sells ultra luxurious editions of whisky, cognac and other premium products. The new company’s mission is to build a broad portfolio of alcoholic beverages from various market segments, such as vodka, cognac, gin, mead, or rum itself.

    “I am very delighted that we can present today the result of our many months’ work and that the Music! Series starts with rums from such an extraordinary distillery as Caroni. They clearly show what kind of series it will be – full of high-quality, unique spirits with an interesting history. The kind that will satisfy any real rum aficionado,” said Łukasz Baranowski, the Managing Director at Jack Tar Holding.

    More information on the Music! Series of rums, the described editions, as well as how to buy them can be found on Wealth Solutions’ website at:

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  3. About Caroni Distillery

  4. Caroni is a famous closed distillery from Trinidad Island. It produced magnificent heavy rums from 1918 to 2002 and was state plant, with its own sugar refinery that guaranteed its supply of local high quality cane sugar. Only really small part of production was bottled under Caroni own label and for a long time the distillery remained known only to a handful of connoisseurs, who loved its unique profile. Nowadays, Caroni rums are well-known as complex and rich spirits, and with interesting history of the brand build the mystical status of the distillery. Unfortunately, in every year the number of Caroni casks which remained to present days decline and some part of its heritage disappear irretrievably. When the last cask will be bottled? No one knows…

  5. About Music! Series

  6. Mission of Music! Series is to merge two worlds which we love. First one is archipelago of excellent rums and second is sound of the music from Caribbean Sea. It is a whole gamut of the different spirits and different kinds of rhythms, dances, customs, artefacts and instruments. Music! Series is an exciting journey through rich world of flavours and tones, which affect on all human senses.

  7. About Wealth Solutions

  8. Wealth Solutions was established in 2007 with a mission to provide unique products for collectors. The company was created by real enthusiasts of exceptional goods such as fine Bordeaux wines, top quality whisky, cognacs, watches and art. Over the past 10 years, more than 8,000 clients have trusted Wealth Solutions by purchasing top quality collectibles and using the company’s expertise.

    Wealth Solutions managed place on the market one of the oldest whiskies ever and the oldest whiskies from different distilleries (e.g. Glen Grant 1949 67 YO, Glenfarclas 1953 58 YO, Karuizawa 1964 48 YO) and cognacs originating from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries (e.g. L’esprit de Tiffon and Le Sein de Dieu).

    The company was also the originator behind the idea of creating the Spirit Watch line, featuring watches with capsules filled with special and old alcoholic beverages: the Cognac Watch (with 1762 Gautier cognac inside the oldest Cognac in the world), Rum Watch (with the 1780 Harewood Rum – the oldest rum in the world) and Whisky Watch (with Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862 – the oldest vintage whisky).