Radosław Majdan and Wealth Solutions will create a series of whiskies

Limited editions of whisky created with the participation of one of the most recognizable figures of the Polish sports and media world.

  1. Wealth Solutions, a Polish company specializing in the creation of exclusive spirits, has established cooperation with Radosław Majdan. It will result in limited editions of whisky created with the participation of one of the most recognizable figures of the Polish sports and media world.

    In its 13-year history, the company has produced over 30 collector’s editions of spirits (whisky, rum, cognac) and wines from all over the world. A bottle of 51-year-old Japanese Karuizawa whisky created by its team reached the price of almost EUR 150 thousand at an auction in Hong Kong. The company is currently conducting a public offering of shares promoted via a crowdfunding campaign on the Crowdway.pl platform.

    According to the agreement with Radosław Majdan, Wealth Solutions plans to create a series of single cask whiskies. This means that the liquor comes only from specific casks, so its quantity is limited to several hundred bottles for each limited edition. Wealth Solutions team will use their international contacts to obtain a variety of tasty whiskies from renowned distilleries.

    We know where to look for whisky and we can pick the best casks. We already have pre-selected distilleries that we want to utilize in the new project. Each of them is a guarantee that whisky signed with Radosław Majdan’s name will be synonymous with quality – says Radosław Butryn, CEO of Wealth Solutions SA. – I am glad that the idea, which was conceived at Wealth Solutions, with Adam Śmieżewski, who has many years of experience on the alcohol market, met with interest of Radosław Majdan – Butryn adds.

    Radosław Majdan will be involved in the whole process of product development: starting from the selection of casks, through designing the visual aspects of the bottle and label, to sales support. – I have been exploring the world of whisky for many years. Initially, these were unique gifts from friends, which gave rise to a home collection, as well as tastings of limited editions. Working with an independent company that has access to many different distilleries around the world is a great adventure and opportunity to develop my passion. I have always dreamt of being involved in such a projectRadosław Majdan says.

    Majdan is one of the most famous Polish sportsmen. He started his career as a goalkeeper in Pogoń Szczecin. In the following years he played for clubs in Turkey, Greece and Israel, as well as in the Polish national team. After finishing his professional football career, he was a coach, sports activist, councilor, businessman and even a guitarist of a rock band. Recently he concluded an exclusive agreement with Canal+, where he will act as a regular sports commentator.

    Wealth Solutions specializes in searching for exceptional spirits, on the basis of which it creates limited series addressed to connoisseurs and collectors all over the world. Glenfarclas, Karuizawa, Glen Grant, Clynelish, Tomatin, Jura – these are just a few of the distilleries whose whiskies are included in Wealth Solutions’ original offer. The company also has a limited series of Swiss Spirit Watches, containing capsules with the world’s oldest alcohols – rum, cognac and whisky.

    More information about Wealth Solutions can be found at: www.wealth.pl

    Crowdfunding campaign: www.moje.wealth.pl


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