Karuizawa Origami

This edition is dedicated to all origami artists and to this unique kind of art expression, which they are devoted.

  1. Details

    Type: Single Malt Japanese Whisky

    Distillery: Karuizawa

    Cask strength

    Distilled: 1999-2000

    5 different editions: boat, elephant, hummingbird, swan and crane

    Number of bottles: 5×22

    Packaging: WS Heavy bottle made of glass of high purity and designed by Wealth Solutions creative team, painting on the glass, wooden box designed specially for this project.

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  3. Origami

  4. Origami

    Ori means “folding”, and kami means “paper” in Japanese language. This traditional art of paper folding was born in the Country of the Rising Sun in the early Edo period (1603–1867) and nowadays word origami is used all over the world to name all techniques connected to constructing paper models, without making cuts. The label of Karuizawa Origami was decorated with few most recognized traditional Japanese paper sculpture, because this edition is dedicated to all origami artists and to this unique kind of art expression, which they are devoted.

  5. About Karuizawa

  6. About Karuizawa

    The distillery was established in 1955 by Daikoku-budoshu. The owner decided to build the facility in the town of Karuizawa located in the foothills of the active Asama volcano, a popular tourist destination in Japan.

    Karuizawa was a small distillery producing alcoholic beverages with the use of traditional methods. In pursuit of the highest quality, Karuizawa was contained in casks previously filled with sherry and imported from Spain. Similar to its equivalent from the home of whisky, Scotland, Karuizawa is aged in sherry casks. However, the flavour of whisky is also influenced by local features that give it its unique character. Spring water drawn from the volcanic hills of Asama, freezing winters and hot summers are all hinted at in the flavour of this beverage and make it truly one of a kind. Karuizawa is very rich and aromatic with a distinct sherry profile.

    Karuizawa used to produce whisky on a small-scale and was rather focused on the domestic market. This continued from its establishment in 1955 until 2000 when the production was ceased. Although whisky is no longer produced, there were still some casks left, but every year the number decreases. Currently, there are only 300 Karuizawa casks in the world. Three-quarters of these date back to the 1990s, and there are only 14 casks left from the 1960s.

    Unfortunately for Karuizawa, it gained world recognition only after it ceased production. Since 2006, Karuizawa whisky has been reaching whisky lovers from all around the world thanks to the Number One Drinks company. When the world heard about Karuizawa, it immediately fell in love with the beverage produced in the foothills of the Asama mountain.

    As Karuizawa is no longer licensed to produce alcoholic beverages and the building of the distillery has a new owner, there will be no new casks on the market. No one knows when the last whisky will be bottled…

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