Glen Grant 1949 67YO

Every story must end one day. This is also true of the Glen Grant Trilogy project, which has so far indulged whisky lovers with two unique liquors: Glen Grant 1948 66 YO and Glen Grant 1950 65 YO. Both form a part of the prestigious group of the world’s oldest Scottish whiskies. Both liquors are characterised by outstanding quality, unique profile and have won critics’ acclaim. Today, they are joined by the oldest whisky of the ensemble – Glen Grant 1949 67 YO. It definitely makes a good addition to and adequately complements the Glen Grant Trilogy project.

  1. Details

    • Distillery: Glen Grant
    • Bottled by: Gordon & MacPhail
    • Year: 1949
    • Age: 67 years
    • Number of bottles: 196
    • Cask number: 187
    • Single cask and cask strength
    • The oldest Glen Grant on record
    • One of the oldest whiskies in the world
    • The last edition in the Glen Grant Trilogy


    In 1949 the world, divided into two opposing camps, was still healing its post-war wounds. The NATO-founding North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington and the Council of Europe was established in Strasbourg. Orwell’s 1984 appeared in British bookshops. In a world that seems so distant today, the Glen Grant distillery produced whisky that was stored in cask number 187. Over the subsequent decades, it was waiting patiently to see daylight again. The world kept changing, political borders shifted, blocs collapsed. During that time, Glen Grant 1949 was slowly building its distinctive profile, relying on the richness of its sherry-soaked oak cask. Today, it reveals the full richness of its blend to whisky lovers, as it enters the market in a limited edition of merely 177 bottles.

  2. Glen Grant distillery

  3. Glen Grant distillery

    In 1840, in the town of Rothes near Aberlour, brothers John and James Grant founded a distillery which they named Glen Grant, or “the valley of the Grants”. Its location near the River Spey offered ideal conditions for whisky production. The quality of the place is confirmed by the fact that until today Speyside boasts the biggest cluster of distilleries in Scotland.

    Many representatives of the Grant family, as well as whisky bottles they produced, have become legends. Over more than 170 years, the distillery has also become part of the regional landscape. In its honour, one of the first train engines in Scotland was named Glen Grant, just as was one of the pieces composed by the famous Scottish musician Scott Skinner. The distillery was also the country’s the first whisky plant powered by electricity. Currently, it ranks as one the largest whiskey makers in Great Britain.

  4. Gordon & MacPhail

  5. Gordon & MacPhail

    Gordon & MacPhail is a living piece of Scottish history and tradition. This family business has been bottling single malt whisky for more than 120 years now. The company was founded by James Gordon and John MacPhail in 1895. Soon the start of its operation, the management board was joined by John Urquhart. His descendants have transformed the company into the largest independent bottler, producer and distributor of Scottish whisky in the world. Currently, the company is managed by the fourth generation of the Urquhart family.

    In its warehouses, the company stores old casks that are not easily found in other distilleries. It boasts introducing to the market the oldest whiskies on record – Morlach 70 YO, Glenlivet 70 YO and Mortlach 75 YO. Gordon & MacPhail bottles Scotch produced by over 70 various makers and keeps winning, year after year, numerous industry awards recognizing the way it runs its business. Queen Elizabeth II has awarded the company for promoting whisky and selling it outside the United Kingdom.

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