Foursquare 12 YO for Wealth Solutions

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    Foursquare 12 YO is an official bottling created especially for Wealth Solutions customers. This rum was distilled, aged and bottled in the walls of a native distillery and is a mixture of distillates produced using alembic and column distillation. Perfectly composed and incredibly rich. Undoubtedly, it will satisfy every admirer of strong drinks.


    Foursquare 12 YO for Wealth Solutions
    Type: Single Blended Rum
    Distillery: Foursquare
    Country of origin: Barbados
    Barrel type: ex-bourbon
    Limited edition: 600 items
    Capacity: 0.7l
    ABV: 62%

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    Although the Foursquare distillery was established in 1995, its owners – the Seale family – were involved in the production of rum in Barbados as early as the early 19th century. It can be said with certainty that the experience and knowledge accumulated in the family for five generations in a new place have been fully utilized. The Foursquare distillery still wins more industry awards, such as the title of the producer of the year in the prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2017.

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