Collector’s wines

Wealth Solutions has been enabling private wine collectors discovering wine pearls since years. Our clients appreciate the professional advice they receive from us as well as the ability to obtain individual pieces enjoying the highest appreciation of bottles. Collector’s wines are more than just passion.

  1. What do we do?

    Over the centuries, wine has accompanied the progress of human civilization. Successive generations of wealthy burghers, who included wine-growing branches extending to anturage fabulous estates and castles, learned how to understand and make the most of their blessing. Soon, the concept of terroir began spectacular, which became the basis for determining the typical wines of a given region, subregion or appelation, by the best narrowed to individual plots.

    The development of ampelography and oenology has yielded the form of increasingly conscious style grinding. At the same time, despite the large owner turmoil, the first-class estates strengthened their position as a foothold of wines have turned into art. As such, they have become quite a catch for collectors who want to store in their basements the most iconic, acting on the senses and imagination…

  2. What do we do?

  3. Wealth Solutions has been enabling private wine collectors discovering wine pearls since years .Our clients appreciate the professional advice they receive from us as well as the ability to reach often individual pieces enjoying the highest estimate of bottles. Some of you see in these purchases a chance to build value by monetizing your passion for wine. With the growing appetite for great vintage wines, their low supply in the market determines price increases. This, in turn, creates opportunities for increasing the value of the collection, if only it could be properly created and looked after with a professional eye. Interest in great wines is not only a passion, but also for many of the collectors it is a great opportunity to build diversify their investment portfolio.

    At Wealth Solutions, we see the magic of wine, while utilizing our networks and recognizing the upcoming trends. Our invitation to co-create wine collections is addressed to those of you who, by purchasing luxury goods, appreciate the marriage of timeless beauty, elegance, and sensuality together with the value of collector’s wines.

  4. Why is it worth it?

  5. Why is it worth it?

    Unique wine at the best prices

    We help our clients to purchase wine that is usually unavailable on the retail market, at the prices offered exclusively to professional wine sellers.

    Safe and reliable storage

    The collections we build up are stored in renowned wine vaults in the United Kingdom, where each box is properly insured. This guarantees safety and certainty, regardless of the situation.

    Liquidity and favourable terms and conditions of purchase

    We build up wine collections with producers, brokers and wine banking institutions. Over the years we have built successful relationships and have been recommended by the key trading companies. The long-term market presence and the scale of our activities allow us to purchase wine on favourable terms.

  6. Which wine is collected?

  7. Which wine is collected?

    The world’s most famous wine region is definitely Bordeaux, which has the oldest official wine classification, and thus Bordeaux wines are the basis of collections we build up. The Bordeaux wine classification was introduced in 1855 after being suggested by Napoleon III, and remained unchanged for over 150 years. Wine included in the Bordeaux classification are the stars of the market and are widely recognised all around the world. We also provide our clients with super tuscans, vintage champagne, the best Burgundy wine and iconic California wine. We focus only on exceptional wineries.

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