Wine collecting

Wine is a unique beverage enjoyed since ancient times. Its exceptional character was praised by poets, doctors and other important figures from around the globe. Both Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon were wine collectors, whereas nowadays wine is collected by Alex Ferguson, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Bill Gates. Not only do collections of carefully selected quality wine provide joy to wine enthusiasts, but they are also a great way to secure one’s financial future.

  1. What do we do?

  2. What do we do?

    For years Wealth Solutions has been building collection of wines and marketing high-quality wine. As of now, we have been trusted by almost 3000 clients who have purchased wine to the value of PLN 130 million in total. In this area, we are the leading company in Poland and one of the largest companies in Europe. Our knowledge, experience and the scale of our business enables us to offer excellent wines, high-quality services and access to renowned partners. You can create extraordinary collections with us.

    In addition to the purchasing of wine and building up whole collections, we also offer comprehensive support of such collection. We advise on the alcoholic beverages and finalise their purchase. We handle the insurance and storage of already purchased bottles and valuate them periodically or sell them later. Our comprehensive approach definitely makes us stand out.

  3. Why is it worth it?

  4. Why is it worth it?

    Unique wine at the best prices

    We help our clients to purchase wine that is usually unavailable on the retail market, at the prices offered exclusively to professional wine sellers.

    Safe and reliable storage

    The collections we build up are stored in renowned wine vaults in the United Kingdom, where each box is properly insured. This guarantees safety and certainty, regardless of the situation.

    Liquidity and favourable terms and conditions of purchase

    We build up wine collections with producers, brokers and wine banking institutions. Over the years we have built successful relationships and have been recommended by the key trading companies. The long-term market presence and the scale of our activities allow us to purchase wine on favourable terms.

  5. Which wine is collected?

  6. Which wine is collected?

    The world’s most famous wine region is definitely Bordeaux, which has the oldest official wine classification, and thus Bordeaux wines are the basis of collections we build up. The Bordeaux wine classification was introduced in 1855 after being suggested by Napoleon III, and remained unchanged for over 150 years. Wine included in the Bordeaux classification are the stars of the market and are widely recognised all around the world. We also provide our clients with super tuscans, vintage champagne, the best Burgundy wine and iconic California wine. We focus only on exceptional wineries.

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