Our area of expertise includes limited editions of outstanding watches from well-known Swiss manufacturers. Our watches can be a great addition to any watch lover’s collection.

  1. Limited edtion made specially for Wealth Solutions:

  2. Watch brands on offer:

  3. Louis Moinet

  4. The fully-independent firm was established to honour the memory of Louis Moinet: master watchmaker, inventor of the chronograph in 1816. Atelier is well known for the creation of high-end timepieces, often featuring exotic materials and an innovative technology, underpinned by the philosophy of limited-edition mechanical art.

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  5. Armin Strom

  6. Armin Strom is a Swiss watch manufacturer that belongs to the most prestigious category of manufacturers. The company produces nearly all watch components on their own, including the mechanisms. The final product is made at one location from start to finish.

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  7. Speake-Marin

  8. Speake-Marin is an independent Swiss workshop run by a passionate watchmaker. The workshop produces exclusive watches capable of standing the test of time – both technically and aesthetically.

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