Wealth Solutions has been advising on purchases of art as well as developing and managing art collections for many years now. In this area, we are the leading company in Poland and one of the largest companies in this part of Europe. We specialise in Polish contemporary art and our expertise is based on cooperation with 50 top art galleries and direct cooperation with various artists. This allows us to access the biggest names and art works on the market.

  1. The scope of our services

  2. The scope of our services

    The purchase and sale of art works

    We advise on the purchase and sale of art works and take care of the technical aspects of the transaction process. Our recommendations take into account the needs and preferences of collectors as well as the potential and value of art works.

    Building up art collections

    We can build up comprehensive art collections. We set the collection profile with the collector and recommend purchasing particular art works which we then acquire, transport, and potentially, insure. We help collectors to properly display and store their art work.

    Art collection management

    We actively manage art collections by acquiring new works and ensuring the artistic and market value of the entire assemblage. Furthermore, we assist collectors in contacting cultural institutions that borrow works for exhibitions, and in a plethora of different projects and events. We ensure that the collection lives and gains recognition.

    Investing in art

    The works purchased through us are not only of high artistic value, but also provide a great capital investment.


    We ensure that our collectors are updated on the latest news from the art market. We visit galleries, workshops and fairs or partake in significant events together with our collectors. We also organise meetings and discussions with interesting artists and run Art Academy.

  3. Art works from our clients’ collections

  4. Art works from our clients’ collections

  5. Why Wealth Solutions?

  6. Why Wealth Solutions?

    Market leader

    We are the largest consulting institution that builds up collections on the Polish contemporary art market. There are more than 100 art works in collections we have co-created.

    Broad portfolio

    we collaborate with 50 key Polish contemporary art galleries, which allows us to guarantee access to the most valuable works on the market. In addition, we assist in buying art work directly from artists or other collectors.

    Years of experience

    Wealth Solutions was established in 2007 and has worked with more than 8000 clients, who entrusted us with resources amounting to PLN 300 million.

    Comprehensive service

    We advise and take care of the technical aspects of the transaction process. We handle transport, storage and insurance of art works and ensure our clients are key participants in the Polish art market.


    The collections of our clients consist of more than 200 works created by such great artists as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wilhelm Sasnal, Agnieszka Brzeżańska or Rafał Bujnowski. In the course of their professional life, our experts used to collaborate with the most important institutions from the Polish art market. These years of experience are reflected in the quality of our services.

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  8. Art Academy

  9. Art Academy is a course for everyone who wishes to learn about the Polish contemporary art market and all processes that govern it. Course participants will discover the fascinating world of professional art galleries, fairs and rankings. They will also be given a chance to meet some selected artists and listen to their success stories.

    Art Academy is a perfect solution for everybody who wants to start their adventure with the art market, create a collection of unique art works and expand their knowledge. The course is a practical guide for present and future collectors.

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