The Foursquare Distillery releases a special limited edition of rum for Wealth Solutions

The Foursquare Distillery, a famous Barbadian rum producer, has released a limited edition of the 12 year old rum selected and bottled exclusively for the Wealth Solutions company. Only 600 bottles have been offered for sale.

  1. Foursquare 12 YO for Wealth Solutions is a limited edition of the truly premium Barbadian rum. This spirit was distilled and fully matured in tropical conditions inside the distillery’s walls on Barbados Island. It was produced using the local water and without any sugar or flavor additives. This rich and complex rum is a mixture of distillates, which comes from alembic and column distillation. The distillates were perfectly composed and balanced to form this ideal mix.

    The Foursquare distillery was established in 1995, but its owners – the Seale family – were involved in the production of rum in Barbados since the early 19th century. It can certainly be said that the experience and knowledge accumulated in the family for five generations has been fully used in the creating and running process of the new distillery. The Foursquare continues to win new industry awards, such as consecutive title of the rum producer of the year 2019 in the prestigious IWSC & ISC. The newest edition of this rum is a good illustration of the mastery achieved by the Seale family.

    “I am very pleased that this 12 year old Foursquare has reached the hands of rum connoisseurs who appreciate our work and are able to enjoy the quality of real premium rums. It is truly motivating to see this group of passionate people who are the true fans of our Barbadian distillery and its profile,” said Richard Seale, the owner of the Foursquare Distillery

    The newest edition produced by the Foursquare Distillery only counts 600 bottles made specifically for the clients of the Wealth Solutions company, an expert in selling ultra-premium spirits. In the last few years, the company has cooperated with many distilleries and independent bottlers, and has offered drinks such as Glenfarclas 1953 58 YO, Karuizawa 1964 48 YO, Glen Grant 1949 67 YO, Tomatin Black 50 YO, or fully pre-phylloxera cognacs L’Esprit de Tiffon and Le Sein de Dieu exclusively to its clients.

    We are really glad that we can offer this excellent Barbadian spirit to our clients. It is a perfect illustration of what authentic premium rum should be – produced without any shortcuts, distilled, aged and bottled within the walls of a native distillery. The philosophy behind this product clearly defines our mission: to deliver unique and top quality spirits to true connoisseurs.” said Radoslaw Butryn, CEO of Wealth Solutions.

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