Swiss watch manufacture to enter Polish market

Wealth Solutions to begin co-operation with Armin Strom, Swiss Watch Manufacture. Wealth Solutions to be appointed exclusive product distributor for Poland and to introduce new category of luxury products.

  1. Armin Strom is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer that belongs to the most prestigious category of the so-called manufactures. Such companies produce nearly all components on their own, including mechanisms. The final product is made from A to Z at one location and owing to the fact that the entire manufacturing process is lengthy and laborious, the production scale is small. The manufacture makes only approx. 600 top-class watches per year.

    Armin Strom is however not just a company but, above all, the man himself – a legendary watchmaker who has a reputation of the skeletonizer master. Thanks to this watchmaking technique, the timepiece’s mechanism is at least partially visible through the face. Another distinguishing feature of Armin Strom manufacture’s watches is the engraving on the mechanism’s components which is extremely precise and, naturally, hand-made.

    “We decided to introduce the Armin Strom watches into our offering because for years we have been looking for unique and extraordinary products for our customers. Currently, we can offer them rare exquisite bottles of Scotch or Japanese whisky, top-quality wine, cognac, pieces of art, diamonds, or different collector’s items. We believe that Armin Strom manufacture’s watches will fit in our company’s profile excellently,” says Maciej Kossowski, President of the Management Board of Wealth Solutions.

    Founded by true collectors and lovers of luxurious items and beverages, Wealth Solutions was established in 2007. Over the past eight years of its operations, it acquired more than 7,000 customers. It is responsible for, among other things, the market launch of one of the oldest whiskies in history, a cognac dating back to the turn of the 18th and 19th century and the oldest, legendary whisky from the Japan-based Karuizawa distillery.

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