It’s time for art tank collection

Art tank collection is a project carried out by enthusiasts and collectors of contemporary art who decided to join forces in order to promote the art of Polish artists. The official website of this initiative has been launched today.

  1. O art tank

    Art tank is a group of collectors who have decided to combine their collections and share them with a wider audience. The works presented as part of the art tank come from individual collections, which are often very different, yet together they create a coherent image of Polish contemporary art. The collection includes the works of i. a. Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wilhelm Sasnal, Agnieszka Brzeżańska or Rafał Bujnowski. By working together, the collectors aim to create a new quality that displays the contemporary diverse artwork on the Polish art scene.

    The mission of art tank is to promote Polish modern art at home and abroad. The mission is pursued through educational activities as well as by way of sharing own collections, and organising or co-organising cultural events. Karolina Nowak and Karolina Miszczak, who work at Wealth Solutions – a company that specialises in advising on art collections – became curators of the collection and animators of the related activities.

    “The idea for art tank collection came from a group of collectors who used our help for the purchase of art work and building up their own collections. There are more than 150 contemporary art works in our collection, which is cohesive and interesting and definitely worth showing to the world. This is how the idea was born. The first stage is the launch of an online catalogue of art works and a website to inform the public about our activities,” says Karolina Nowak, the curator of art tank collection.

  2. More information on the website of the project

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