Historic Cognac launched in Poland

The Tiffon Cognac house and Wealth Solutions launched a limited edition of the L’esprit de Tiffon cognac. The world premiere of this extremely rare spirit took place in Jablonna near Warsaw on 17 June 2014.

  1. L’esprit de Tiffon is a limited edition of cognac, made of distillates from the private cellar (the so-called “paradis”) of Sverre Braastad, where the oldest Cognac is dated back to 1805. Only 150 numbered decanters of the exceptional liquor from Grande Champagne have been produced. Each of them takes us back to the time of long-forgotten aromas and flavours.

    We could not offer this exceptional liquor to cognac lovers if it had not been for my grandfather, who bought very old eaux-de-vie in the 19th century and kept them in his private collection. The cognac is part of my family’s heritage. The spirit of the place, the spirit of Tiffon, is inside each bottle of the liquor.” – said Richard Braastad, Maître de Chais of the Tiffon house.

    Such liquor deserves a special setting. Each of the limited-edition crystal decanters is engraved and accompanied by a wooden box specially designed for the purposes of storing the liquor. In the box, there is also a place for the book prepared by Nicholas Faith, a prominent cognac expert and recognised writer, especially for the launch of L’esprit de Tiffon. Only 150 numbered copies of the publication have been printed. The book contains information on the Braastad family, the Tiffon Cognac house, as well as the cognac in question. The demand for L’esprit de Tiffon has been such that all of the decanters were sold ahead of the official launch event.

    L’esprit de Tiffon – it’s got floral notes, it’s elegant, it’s rich. It is delicious! What is ridiculous about it is that cognac well over the century-old is still so young!” – Nicholas Faith describes his impressions after tasting L’esprit de Tiffon. “To find a blend, that is made from pre-phylloxera Cognac, basically doesn’t exist. It’s a window into another time, something that just wasn’t available. Untill now.” – Edward Bates, expert from the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC), said about L’esprit de Tiffon.

    L’esprit de Tiffon was created especially for the clients of Polish Wealth Solutions, whose field of expertise is providing demanding connoisseurs and collectors of unique liquors with collectibles and works of art. The premiere of the cognac took place in the palace in Jablonna near Warsaw on 17 June 2014. The celebration was attended by Richard Braastad – Maître de Chais of the Tiffon cognac house and Edward Bates – a BNIC educator. The choice of the setting was not accidental. Napoleon Bonaparte met Maria Walewska, his Polish mistress, there. It was only two years after the production of L’esprit de Tiffon had begun in Cognac.

    I am extremely pleased that I can offer my clients such a unique cognac. It is a liquor that takes us into history, into the times of the Napoleonic Wars. A cognac that cannot be created today any more.” – said Michał Kowalski, Vice-President of Wealth Solutions.

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