Extremely old cognac from Bache-Gabrielsen launched in Poland

The Bache-Gabrielsen cognac house and Wealth Solutions have launched a limited edition of Le Sein de Dieu cognac. Only 150 numbered decanters have been released for sale. The world premiere of this extremely rare spirit took place in Warsaw on 18 September 2015.

  1. Le Sein de Dieu is a limited edition of Grande Champagne Cognac, made of extremely old distillates from the private paradis (cellar) of Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen. This totally pre-phylloxera beverage, with the oldest component dating back to 1790, allows us to taste a liquor which nowadays cannot be produced. The distillates which were used to made it arose before the phylloxera invasion, which began to destroy European vineyards in the mid-nineteenth century. This event had a huge impact on the final shape and quality of wines because it had the effect of changing the type of grape used in the production process. The mission of combining such old and rare distillates was undertaken by Jean-Philippe Bergier, cellar master of the Bache-Gabrielsen cognac house.

    I chose each of the demijohns, dating from the beginning of the 19th century, according to the character of each eau-de-vie and added a twist to this blend by adding 1790 vintage. I tried to find a balance between those that have an outstanding bouquet with subtly spiced tannins and those that bring along their floral complexity and unparalleled length.” – explained J-P Bergier.

    The name of this unique cognac has many meanings. Le Sein de Dieu in French is a synonym of paradis, and this beverage can be a real paradise for cognac lovers. Paradis in every cognac house is also a cellar with priceless cognacs and eaux de vie. A carefully built collection of beverages was of course a paradise for the founder of the Bache-Gabrielsen company. Thomas dedicated his life to creating them. Today, his descendants have decided to share with us this treasure and heritage of their ancestors. Such a rare and old liquor deserves a special setting. Each decanter is numbered, comes with a special wooden box and a book written by Martine Nouet specially for the occasion. The book provides information on the project, the impact of phylloxera, the history of the Bache-Gabrielsen cognac house and tasting notes by the author.

     “This cognac has not aged, it has kept an unexpected youth and freshness. It is supple, complex, deep and yet lively and beaming. A cognac sealed with passion.” – declared Martine Nouet

    The limited edition of Le Sein de Dieu cognac was bottled for Wealth Solutions, a Polish company that specialises in delivering unique spirits, collectibles and works of art to demanding connoisseurs and collectors. The cognac was officially launched on 18 September 2015 in Prymasowski Palace in Warsaw. The event was graced with the presence of Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, Managing Director at Bache-Gabrielsen and great-grandson of Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen. The special guests of the premiere were Martine Nouet, Jean-Philippe Bergier and Edward Bates, educator of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac.

    The mission of our company is to find unique beverages with amazing stories. Le Sein de Dieu is one of them and this is the most exciting project that we have ever been involved in. This is an outstanding cognac with 200 years of history. I am really grateful to Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, that he has decided to share this treasure with us.” – added Michał Kowalski, Vice-President of Wealth Solutions.

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