Cognac Pen – A Unique Fountain Pen From Montegrappa

Montegrappa and Wealth Solutions have launched a limited edition fountain pen with a drop of the world’s oldest cognac! Only 110 pieces have been produced.

    1. Usually, ink is the only liquid that we can find in fountain pens, but in the Cognac Pen we can discover, too, the oldest cognac in the world: Gautier from 1762. Obviously, this extraordinary beverage cannot be used to write with, as it is enclosed in a special capsule mounted in the pen’s cap. This unique collector’s item has been created by the famous Italian manufacture Montegrappa – known as the producer of meticulously-crafted, world-famous pens, watches, cufflinks, and other luxury items. The liquor used to made the Cognac Pen was acquired by Wealth Solutions, a company that specialises in sourcing unique goods, such as fine Bordeaux wines, top quality whisky, rare watches and art for collectors. Wealth Solutions is also the originator behind the idea of creating the Spirit Watch line, featuring watches bearing capsules filled with legendary alcoholic beverages, and is now the innovator that conceived the Cognac Pen.

      Cognac Gautier 1762 is a true time capsule that it takes us on a journey through time to the year in which the famous Trevi fountain – “Fontana di Trevi” – was unveiled in Rome, Catherine the Great become the empress  of Russia, and the Social Contract was published by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This unique distillation is an item thatbelongs to Wealth Solutions’ collection and was purchased by the company in 2014 during an auction of rare wines and liquors organized by Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers in NYC. The Gautier cognac bottle dating back to 1762 was, during the event, granted the honour of the oldest cognac sold at a public auction to-date. This fact has also been confirmed by an official entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Thanks to Wealth Solutions and Montegrappa, this exceptional beverage is available to fans of unique items and has become an integral part of the Cognac Pen.

      The body and the cap of the Cognac Pen have been manufactured by Montegrappa from oak wood. According to French law, no liquor may be called “cognac” if it has not aged for at least two years in oak casks near Cognac. The Cognac Pen acknowledges this unusual tradition and requirement. Decorative elements including grapevine motifs on the body of this exquisite pen also make reference to these noble French liquors. The nib has been made of sterling silver or gold in the version for men, and sterling silver in the version for women. Buyers may also choose the nib thickness from F to B. The pen can be filled by a converter or a cartridge and is 155.5mm in length in the version for men and 130mm in the version for women.

      Our search for uniqueness in creating rare collectibles had to lead us to the world to pens. Montegrappa is one of the most respected creators of fountain pens. They did a great job bringing our idea to life. The Cognac pen perfectly fits the great and diverse collection of writing instruments I have seen in Bassano, the home of Montegrappa. I believe it will find favour with both pen and rare spirits aficionados worldwide” said Maciej Kossowski, President of Wealth Solutions.

      The Cognac Pen with this unusual capsule was produced in a limited edition of 110 pieces only (100 in silver, 10 in gold), exclusively for Wealth Solutions. International subscription for this unique fountain pen:

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    The beginnings of the company date as far back as 1912, when Manifattura pennini d’oro e penne stilografiche in Bassano del Grappa was founded, a factory making golden nibs and fountain pens. The location was chosen because the facility is located in the province of Vicenza, one of the oldest and most famous regions in the world of jewellery. Montegrappa’s home was also the site of the company’s first shop and, to this day, the enterprise emphasises its ties to Bassano, which have lasted for over a hundred years.

    Over the years, Montegrappa has expanded its portfolio, adding to meticulously crafted and world-famous pens a selection of watches, cufflinks, and other luxury items. All the items manufactured by Montegrappa exhibit Italian taste and the genius loci of the extraordinary and picturesque region where they are born.


    Wealth Solutions was established in 2007 with a mission to provide unique products for collectors. The company was created by experienced enthusiasts of exceptional goods, such as fine Bordeaux wines, top quality whisky, and art. Over the past nine years, more than 8000 clients have trusted Wealth Solutions by purchasing top quality collectibles, choices made by using the company’s expertise.

    Wealth Solutions managed to place on the market one of the oldest whiskies ever, the 67-year-old Glen Grant 1949. The cognac houses Tiffon and Bache-Gabrielsen surprised the company’s customers with special editions of a beverage originating from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Wealth Solutions was the originator behind the idea of creating the Spirit Watch line, featuring watches with capsules filled with rare and legendary alcoholic beverages. The first in the series – the Cognac Watch – contained the 1762 Gautier cognac. The beverage was officially registered by the Guinness World Records™ as the oldest cognac ever sold on the auction market.

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