Tomatin 50YO Black

Tomatin 50YO Black is without a doubt an aged liquor of an extremely rich profile that 50 years of slow maturation left its mark on. This is the oldest whisky produced within the walls of Tomatin and this is a whisky of the oldest Tomatin vintage: 1967.

  1. Details

    • Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    • Distillery: Tomatin
    • Bottling: Tomatin
    • Year: 1967
    • Age: 50 years
    • Number of bottles: 88
    • Cask number: 30258
    • Single cask and cask strength
    • The oldest Tomatin whisky in history
    • The cask of the oldest Tomatin vintage


    In the year the World’s First Human Be-In happening, considered the beginning of the hippie movement, took place in San Francisco, the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Jimi Hendrix released Are You Experienced, within the walls of Tomatin a special distillate was created. The situation would have been perfectly normal if the fate of the distillate was not different from the destiny of its brothers: it did not end up in a bottle standing on a store shelf. Instead, it matured for 50 years which, together with the contact with the Spanish sherry saturated oak wood, resulted in its unique profile.

    It is one of the last 1960s casks stored within the walls of the Tomatin distillery. Now, this liquor is going to be available to whisky enthusiasts, who will have an opportunity to enjoy its rich and unique profile. It is definitely full of spirit of the colourful 1960s and brings back the sounds of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix’s music.

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  3. A special collector's item

  4. A special collector's item

    Tomatin 50YO Black is without a doubt an aged liquor of an extremely rich profile that 50 years of slow maturation left its mark on. The age and the quality of this whisky require worthy packaging. To celebrate its marketing, Martine Nouet herself – a connoisseur and an author recognised worldwide – decided to write a special book. Each decanter containing this rare liquor is engraved, numbered and comes in a case made specifically for the needs of this limited edition. Its advantages and special packaging make the Tomatin 50 YO not only a unique collector’s item but also a good capital investment.

  5. About Tomatin distillery

  6. About Tomatin distillery

    Tomatin - common home

    The site where the distillery is currently located used to be a stopping place for shepherds transporting their cattle from the mountains of the north to the markets of the middle Scotland. It is probable that until the late Middle Ages this was also a place of distillation of the spirits drunk during stopovers by tired wayfarers surrounded with juniper-covered mountains. John MacDougall, John MacLeish and Alexander Allan knew those traditions and in 1897 decided to set their distillery in this very spot. The name – Tomatin – is not a coincidence. It means: “juniper hill”.

    As the new plant was surrounded by mountains and located rather off the beaten track, the founder could supply it with crystal clear water. On the other hand, its closeness to the new railroad constructed along the old shepherds’ route and to Inverness provided access to markets. No wonder the investment turned out to be a success. Years passed, the distillery was winning increasing recognition and developing its capacity. However, one thing did not change – the quality of the liquors produced.

    It is a truly remarkable place, as Tomatin is not only a workplace, but also a home for most of the employees. This is because as many as 80% of the distillery employees reside in buildings belonging to the plant and they not only produce the special liquors, but also live together in the Monadhliath Mountains, forming one big family.

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