Port Mourant 30 years old rum – Greenheart Collection

Rums from the heart of Guyana

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    Rum Port Mourant 30 years old rum – Greenheart Collection

    Distillery: Uitvlugt
    Country: Guyana
    Distillation year: 1989
    Bottling year:: 2020
    lembic type: Double Wooden Pot Still from Port Mourant
    Limited edition: 200 bottles
    Capacity: 0.7l
    ABV: 52%

    Packaging: WS Heavy bottle made of glass of high quality and designed by Wealth Solutions creative team, painting on the glass, box designed specially for this project and made of oak wood.

  2. Rums from the heart of Guyana

  3. Rums from the heart of Guyana

    Greenheart is a species of tree indigenous to South America which grows in the Guyana and Suriname regions. This hard and moisture-resistant tree, was used in the 17th century to construct alembics, a special type of equipment used to distill rum.

    To this date, there are only three wooden alembics left. They once belonged to the Enmore, Port Mourant and Versailles distilleries where they were used in the production of rum. Now, these artifacts of alcohol production are owned by Demerara Distillers. What
    is more, they are all fully functional, and allow true connoisseurs to enjoy the taste of rum such as it was more than 200 years ago.

    Only the finest of rums produced in these wooden alembics will be bottled and included in the Greenheart Collection. Our selection is an homage to the traditional methods of rum production in Guyana.

    The Port Mourant distillery was founded back in the 19th century. Somewhere between 1813 and 1821, Stephen Mourant began to grow sugar cane on what used to be a cotton plantation. One of the key elements of the production process was the equipment used for distilling molasses, a substance resulting from the refining of sugar. In Port Mourant, this process was accomplished with the use of a double wooden pot still made of the local greenheart wood.
    Some sources trace the origins of the distillery back to 1732. According to rum experts, this date was engraved in the metal elements of the alembic used at Port Mourant, which could indicate that the device was older than the distillery itself. This would indicate that the still, or some of its parts, were bought from one of the facilities operating in the Berbice river valley.

  4. Port Mourant

    Port Mourant

    The unique double wooden pot still allowed the Port Mourant distillery to create rums rich in esters, which made the taste even more luxurious, and the aroma even deeper. Soon, Port Mourant became one of the few distilleries to distribute rum to the British Navy. According to the tradition lasting up to 1970, the members of the British Navy were each given 2 ounces of rum a day.

    At the turn of the 20th century, the distillery became part of the British Booker Group corporation. In 1955, as one of the last distilleries in Guyana, it had to halt production. However, this was not the end of the Port Mourant-style rums. The wooden alembic survived the closure of the distillery. At first, it was transported to the Albion distillery, and after that to Uitvlugt. Finally, in 2000 it ended up with its current owner, the Diamond Distillery of Demerara Distillers.
    The rum we are pleased to present was produced back when the alembic belonged to the Uitvlugt distillery. This liquor matured for 30 years in a bourbon barrel, and is the first of three anticipated editions of the Greenheart Collection.

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