Karuizawa Japanese Trees

The Japanese Trees collection presents three trees included in the National Treasures of Japan.

  1. Details

    Type: Single Malt Japanese Whisky

    Distillery: Karuizawa

    Cask strength

    Distilled: 1999-2000

    3 editions

    Number of bottles: 3×13

    Packaging: WS Heavy bottle made of glass of high purity and designed by Wealth Solutions creative team, gold painting on the glass, wooden box designed specially for this project and made of oak.

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  3. Japanese Trees

  4. Japanese Trees

    “Jomon – sugi” cedar of the genus Cryptomeria-japonica, the oldest tree in Japan, the age is estimated at 2,170 and 7,200 years. It is located on the island of Yakushima.

    “Yamataka Jindai Zakura” is the most beautiful and at the same time the oldest cherry tree in Japan. It grows at the Jishoji temple in pref. Yamanashi and is about 1800 years old. It was planted by Yamato Takerunomiko in the third century. From 1921, the tree is the National Monument of Nature.

    “Sandai Shogun no Matsu” – a five-leafed pine and was planted in 1610. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest bonsai in the world.

  5. About Karuizawa

  6. About Karuizawa

    This whisky comes from a legendary, closed, Japanese distillery. Karuizawa used to produce whisky on a small scale and was rather focused on the domestic market. This continued from its establishment in 1955 until 2000 when the production was ceased. Although whisky is no longer produced, there have still been some casks left, however every year the number decreases. Unfortunately for the distillery, it gained world recognition only after it was closed. As Karuizawa is no longer licensed to produce alcoholic beverages and the distillery building has a new owner, there will be no new casks on the market and no one knows when the last whisky will be bottled.

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