Karuizawa Fazzino (35YO)

The bottle design was created in collaboration with artist Fazzino, who designed and created the 3D engraving of the snow scene in Japan

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    Karuizawa 1981 35 YO Fazzino is a true rarity in the world of whisky. It is old Japanese single cask whisky, which comes from famous, closed Karuizawa distillery. The bottle design was created in collaboration with artist Charles Fazzino, who designed and created the 3D engraving of the snow scene in Japan.

    • Distillery: Karuizawa
    • Single Cask Whisky
    • Age: 35 YO
    • Vintage: 1981
    • Cask number: 6412
    • Number of bottles: 505
    • Bottle Size: 70cl
    • ABV: 57.7%
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  3. About Charles Fazzino

  4. About Charles Fazzino

    Charles Fazzino is an American pop artist, known for his silkscreen serigraphs in a 3D pop art style. His artwork incorporates influence from urban landscapes, sporting events, and modern celebrities. As described in the book about Fazzino titled The Master of 3-D Pop Art.

  5. About Karuizawa

  6. About Karuizawa

    This whisky comes from a legendary, closed, Japanese distillery. Karuizawa used to produce whisky on a small scale and was rather focused on the domestic market. This continued from its establishment in 1955 until 2000 when the production was ceased. Although whisky is no longer produced, there have still been some casks left, however every year the number decreases. Unfortunately for the distillery, it gained world recognition only after it was closed. As Karuizawa is no longer licensed to produce alcoholic beverages and the distillery building has a new owner, there will be no new casks on the market and no one knows when the last whisky will be bottled.

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