Classic cars

For us, a car is not just a means of transport. Unique car is a symbol, distinguishing mark, an object causing really hot emotions. It brings joy and gives satisfaction. Our mission is to search exactly for such cars.

  1. What do we do?

  2. What do we do?

    For our clients, we strive to seek for truly exceptional cars; we purchase, transport, and renovate them. Moreover, we manage the entire collections of classic cars. With us, you will be able to find genuine rarities on the automotive market.

  3. Why is it worth it?

  4. Why is it worth it?

    Unique cars – we facilitate the purchase of unique specimens of cars that are hardly available on the market. With our network around the world and renowned agents, we are able to get the genuine “collector’s gems” on the automotive market.

    Comprehensive service – Not only are we searching for cars and providing technical support of transactions, but also take care of import and renovation. Together with experienced business partners, if car’s condition requires, we restore it to its former luster, so that it can please its new owner’s eye.

    Securing your financial future – Classic cars, as well as works of art, can become a true value driver and secure financial future for ourselves and our loved ones.

    Expertise – We have been present on the market since 2007. During this time, we have provided our services to 9 thousand customers who have purchased unique collectibles from us, built the entire collection.

    Recognized partners – we cooperate with many renowned partners that have been present on the automotive market for years. One of our foreign partners is, among others, Dietrich Hatlapa of the Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI™). In Poland, we use among others the services of Rzepecki Auto company while renovating the cars. With such an outstanding partnership network, we are able to get genuine rarities on the automotive market and make them regain their luster in a professional way.

    Pure joy and fun – Classic cars can give a lot of satisfaction to their owners and ensure unforgettable experiences while in use. Every single true lover of four wheels gets it perfectly clear.  It is a pleasure experienced by the owners of exceptional, unique vehicles; it is used to be also called  an emotional dividend.

  5. Why classic cars?

  6. Why classic cars?

    There are many reasons to buy classic, collectible cars. First, we are talking here about models whose production ceased several years ago and was never a mass production. As a result, their availability is very limited and there is no chance of increasing it in the future. Many a time, these are milestones in automotive industry that once used to set up trends and developments across the entire industry for the decades to follow. As such, they are of critical historical value and for many people – also sentimental one.

    On the other hand, we witness a growing number of both private and institutional collectors interested in purchasing such cars. Today, these cars find their place in musem collections managed by manufacturers, historic corporate and private racing stables, individual collectors, collections held by local government state institutions. Only in Europe alone, there are 670 thousand members of organizations that associate lovers of antique cars. Throughout the year, there are almost 200 thousand events designed for lovers of such cars organized in the Old Continent. Collecting classic cars has also become a fashionable way of life. For many people, getting one of the “rare gems” on the automotive market is the fulfilment of their childhood and/or youthful dreams.

    This all translates into increasing prices of genuinely unique cars. Since 2000, the HAGI Top Index – monitoring prices of 38 models – has achieved an average annual rate of return of 17 percent, and the market still shows its independence from the turmoil in financial markets.

    *Dietrich Hatlapa, Better than gold – investing in historic cars, HAGI Publishing, Tortola, 2014, p. XXVII.
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